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Social Networking Site for NGOs

If you are an NGO who is working for global welfare and want to increase collaboration with other NGOs NGO Community is the right place for you.

About NGO Community:

Any kind of private organization that is independent from government control can be termed an “NGO”, provided it is not-for-profit, non-criminal and not simply an opposition political party.

NGO Community is a community formed by these organisations. NGO Community is not just for volunteers or people who are working in these organisation. They are open to everyone who wants to help NGOs in their.endeavor of making the earth a better place.


  1. To help the NGOs in gaining more human and financial resources and help them in utilizing these resources effectively
  2. To promote collaboration among NGOs and help the NGOs in extending the reach of the welfare programmes by mutual cooperation
  3. To train the volunteers and members working for NGOs and to keep the NGOs in tune with the changing technology and needs.
  4. To support Social Entrepreneurship and Green Technology

Web presence:

It is a social networking site for community members and partnering NGOs. It is used for collaborating with members from different organisations, discuss various issues, take polls and members opinions, brain storm for new programmes, follow people, share innovative content in the form of pictures, videos and posts etc

The site is well designed and has all the capabilities provided by social networking site Members can create organisation spaces, form groups, use hash tags and emoticons, create wiki pages, upload files, share links that are automatically converted to video or photo etc. This album describes the capabilities of the software ( )

A WordPress blog whose main aim is to motivate the volunteers and NGOs. The blog contains inspirational articles submitted by the community members. The blog also tries to highlight the work of various organisations and people. Any one can submit articles and the articles will be published once they are reviewed by the community members

A job portal for organisations to post info about volunteer requirements, internships, job availability etc. A fully fledged Job portal with plethora of features. Student Volunteer programme is administered by this job portal

An online course platform to train volunteers working for NGOs and help them in gaining new skills. AbsoluteK programme is administered by this learning management platform.


Planeteers: Planeteers is a programme started by NGO Community in collaboration with NGOs working to protect the environment. The name comes form a popular American Television programme “Captain Planet and the Planeteers”. The main aim of this programme is to promote the concept of “Reduce Reuse Recycle” and foster innovations in Green Technology

AbsoluteK: AbsoluteK is another programme started by NGO Community in collaboration with NGOs. AbsoluteK means “Absolute Knowledge”. The main goal of this programme is to help people in acquiring skills that enable them to earn their livelihood.

Student Volunteer: A programme conducted by NGO Community to encourage student participation in NGO volunteering programmes. NGO Community in collaboration with NGOs and Universities conducts this programme throughout India.


You can contact NGO Community at or You can also follow them in other social networking sites like: FacebookGoogle PlusTwitter.and LinkedIn


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