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Brain Games

Last year, thousands of students from around the world competed in the first Brain Games Challenge: a series of trivia quizzes where every month someone would win $1,000. At the end of the season one lucky student won our grand-prize sweepstakes of $5,000!

Well, get ready: Brain Games is back! A lot has changed since last year so please read on.

First of all, this season we will have two short quizzes a month. The student who earns the best score in the shortest time across both quizzes in a month wins the monthly $1,000 prize. Here’s the schedule for the first couple of months:

November: Visual Studio and the History of Programming

Quiz 1: Starts 00:01 GMT November 5th. Ends 23:59 GMT November 11th.
Quiz 2: Starts 00:01 GMT November 19th. Ends 23:59 GMT November 25th.

December: Windows Phone and the History of Mobile Computing

Quiz 1: Starts 00:01 GMT December 10th. Ends 23:59 GMT December 16th.
Quiz 2: Starts 00:01 GMT December 24th. Ends 23:59 GMT December 30th.

Second, this time you only get one chance for each quiz. If you take the same quiz multiple times, only your first score counts. So get it right the first time!

Third, as with last year, one student will win our grand-prize sweepstakes of $5,000 after the close of the challenge in April. Each quiz you enter gets you one sweepstakes entry. (And again, taking the same quiz multiple times does not get you more sweepstakes entries. Only the first time counts.) But you can also earn more entries by sharing quizzes with your friends! When you finish a quiz, you’ll be given a link to the Brain Games contest you can share. If at least two of your friends click that link, you will earn an additional chance to win our sweepstakes. This works for each quiz you take. So take the quiz, tell your friends, and improve your chances to win!

Finally, this year we did something else just for fun. We’re telling a story with Brain Games this year and it’s all about a very special friend of ours that we call Starman:

follow this link to learn more

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