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Visitors Log Maintenence


Visitors Log Maintenance is a Windows 8 desktop app deigned to maintain log of all the people visiting Library ,hospital,office or any other place.It takes the id/name and generates in-time,out-time,in-date.out-date  and duration.We can save all these details in a csv(comma separated values) file.The file has to be selected at the beginning of the session and the log will be automatically appended to the selected csv file.


To create a csv file just create a text file and save it with extension .csv instead of .txt.It is recommended to create the file in the documents library for better access while starting the session.The csv file can be opened with excel or any other spreadsheet viewer or even a text editor.


When you press the start session button you will be prompted to select a file for storing the session data.The same file will be used till the end of session.Enter the unique id and press generate in-time to generate in-time and store it in apps temporary memory.When you need to generate out-time press generate out-time to get the corresponding in-time and the out-time.If you want to write this to the file press add to log  and the details will be added to log and the data will be removed from app memory after  it is written to log.The in-time will persist until it is written to log after that you can open the log file and get the details.When you are completed make sure that you press the end session button to terminate the session.



  1. All the other buttons will be functional only when the file is selected.If you try to press other buttons before starting session then you will see a message box that prompts you to store a file name.
  2. You must create a csv file before starting the app to select it for storing files.It is recommended to store it in documents library.
  3. You must make sure that the id/name are correct and  exact.If any mismatch occurs you will not be able to get the in-time.
  4. Once the session is closed the other entries will be automatically written without out-time and duration.make sure that you press end session to write them at the given file location.
  5. Don’t  remove the files unless they are no longer referenced in the app and don’t open  them while the app is writing data to the files.
  6. You can also use the keys
  • up arrow as generate out-time button
  • down arrow as generate in-time button
  • insert as add to log button

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