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Ultimate Plagiarism Checker:

Ultimate plagiarism checker (App ID: 42949675451 )makes use of Google’s advanced search features to find the plagiarised (copied from other sites or on-line) content.To find plagiarism in the document or presentation effectively you need to follow these steps:


1.Find unique sentence(s) in the article and paste it in the unique sentence box.

2.If you are able  find the words that will be used very rarely  then place them in the second box labelled “Enter rare words”

3.If you can find a unique paragraph that contains a lot of unique keywords and sentences paste it in the third box labelled  “Enter a paragraph”.

4.You can also use combination of all the  three to find the copied content.This is the most effective way.

5.Even  if you enter large texts or paragraph there will be no problem.But the remaining words will be omitted based on precedence given to words.

6.The efficiency of this depends on the input given by you.

Errors and their removal:

Sometimes you may find a message saying internet explorer has prevented the access to prevent cross site scripting.In such a case follow the steps given in this link.

Doing so might may possess  some risk.Do it only if you don’t use internet explorer for general browsing.Another alternative is to copy the link and open it in new tab or other browser.It will be applicable only after system restart


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